Why Kinetica – Castle Hill

Kinetica Yoga and Pilates was born out of the vision to create a specialist yoga, pilates & mindful movement community in the Hills district, where our experienced teachers wholeheartedly embody the practice of yoga and pilates daily, sharing their continual passion and knowledge with our community, in order for our members to growth and transform both physically and mentally.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, we’ve got you covered. We offer bespoke classes to cater for all levels. Kinetica invites everyone of any age to join us and experience the journey of exploring your own personal transformation.

We offer a variety of styles – Power Flow (Vinyasa), Yin, Mellow, Pilates HIIT and Reformer pilates. We’re the only studio in the Hills with infrared heaters.

Kinetica have coached elite professional athletes including NRL & AFL teams, corporate wellness events and everyone who wants to connect and improve their life.

Yoga Studio - Castle Hill
Yoga stretching on the beach

Dedicated Yoga & Pilates Teachers

Our highly-trained and dedicated teachers provide a welcoming and open space for students to unwind, connect back to themselves, be challenged and deepen their practice, both on and off the mat.

We offer heated and non heated classes. Our heated classes are set at 25 & 32 degrees with Infra-red heaters, which are great for detoxing the body, increasing circulation. The studio is fully equiped with shower and change-room facilities. High quality Manduka yoga mats and props are provided.

We look forward to seeing you in studio!

Our Team

Rosalind Evans

Director, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Rosalind set foot in her first yoga class in 1999 and first studio pilates class in 2000 to order to calm her mind and heal a labral hip tear.
Since then Rosalind’s yoga journey has evolved and progressed through various different yoga lineages as well as using yoga and pilates as a tool to manage and over come a chronic hip injury.

Rosalind is an ex professional dancer, including dancer with The Wiggles. Rosalind has trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in dance from Queensland University of Technology.

Rosalind has been teaching movement since 2003. Over the years Rosalind has worked closely with a number of corporate and professional sporting teams and athlete development squads, Including – AFL Sydney Swans, NSW Junior Womens Artistic Gymnastics, Junior national swimmers and NSW baseball, as their mobility and movement coach (utilising yoga & pilates). She is currently the yoga/mobility and meditation facilitator for professional football teams – NRL NSW State of Origin Blues team and Penrith Panthers.

Movement and yoga has always presented a sense of joy and fulfilment for Rosalind, however when she transitioned from professional dancer to a corporate career in media advertising that the calming and grounding effects of yoga really hit home. Yoga was now not only a tool to move the body, but release stress, aid digestion problems, calm an over active mind and gain perspective on life. Realising that life behind a computer screen wasn’t for her, Rosalind left the corporate world and returned to teaching full-time, immersing herself and further exploring of the body, mind and breath.

Rosalind has completed over 900 hrs of yoga teacher training (including meditation and breath-work) with international master teachers Annie Carpenter, Octavio Salvadore at the Practice – Bali, Power Livings Duncan Peak and world renown Rod Stryker. Further to this Rosalind has continued to learn and be inspired by international teachers Tara Judelle and Meghan Currie. Rosalind has training in both Classical and contemporary pilates with Polestar Australia, Ulysses Pilates method and Studio Pilates.

Rosalind loves to share her passion and dedication for yoga and pilates with her students and takes joy in guiding each individual through this transformational process. Rosalind’s classes are alignment focused, dynamic and strong, with a deep connection to the breath and mind.

Anneriek Favelle

Yoga Teacher

Anneriek is a Sr Yoga Teacher with 18 years of experience in many yoga disciplines. She has an unique ability to teach challenging practices in a light hearted and joyful way. Her vinyasa flow classes are inspired by Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow, creating powerful flows with movement to stay connected to the softness this practice can offer you. In her own practice she has a great love for arm balancing practices for the strength and self-trust these poses require.

Anneriek has completed a three year apprenticeship in Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga, 100 hr Yin TT, 300 hr TT with Mark Stephens (Author of Teaching Yoga and Yoga Sequencing) and completed 200 hr TT in Prana Vinyasa Flow with the internationally renowned yogini Shiva Rea. Anneriek had taught over 10,000 classes.

Anneriek is very passionate about yoga and loves to share her knowledge to help create healthy bodies, peaceful minds and an awareness in living.

Christina Ahamnos

Yoga Teacher

Christina is a student, practitioner and teacher of yoga.

Christina’s first introduction to yoga came in 2011 when she was playing competitive water polo. Part of her training involved heavy weight lifting and she found herself suffering crippling back and neck pain.

After working through her injuries with regular and dedicated practice, Christina’s attention was quickly drawn from the physical side of yoga to the spiritual and she developed a deep love and respect for the boundless gifts it offers those who are willing to explore it with an open heart.

Living in London for 5 years, Christina was fortunate to be a karma yogi at TriYoga – one of the largest studios in the world.
Here, she was able to immerse herself in a variety of different styles and to learn under the care and guidance of incredible teachers in both traditional class environments and in workshops.

Returning briefly to Sydney to complete her 200HR YTT, Christina then set off for Los Angeles where she took yoga classes at every studio she came by and attended workshops on crystal vibrational meditation, Kirtan and Tantra.

From LA she travelled to the source, India to complete her 500HR YTT in Vinyasa flow.

Christina’s classes are a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and guided meditation. She likes to weave some of the spiritual, subtle and philosophical elements of yoga into her classes and music is an integral part.

Simple, intelligent sequencing make Christina’s classes available to all levels.

Heather Ford

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

I first found yoga about 10 years ago after “retiring” from Irish Dancing. I was inspired by the athletic practice and discipline that yoga provided. It soon became clear that yoga provided more than just the physical Asana practice. I was able to find an inner peace and quiet that helped me release my tension and provide more clarity both on and off the mat. I felt that I had found a calling and started to seek out all types yoga including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Forrest, and Bikram. Before leaving the United States, I completed my first 200-hour teacher training and continue to take various trainings now that I’m in Australia. I invite everyone in my class to learn and grow together, accept our imperfections and practice ahimsa through asanas. For me, the practice of yoga is being able to be in the moment and allow the opportunity to laugh, push, and accept yourself. I hope to share that with every practitioner.

Mel Murray

Yoga Teacher

Mel Murray is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, with a passion for movement and wellbeing.

Mel discovered Yoga in 2012 after she suffered a hip fracture, which required surgery and long rehabilitation program. Realising she needed to move away from high energy, high impact exercise as a way to manage her osteoporosis, Mel found her way into a Yoga studio. Since then, Mel has not looked back!

Mel completed her 200 Hour Yoga training with Power Living in 2015. She has gone on to complete 500 Hour pathway training with Power Living in Advanced Vinyasa and Being of Purpose philosophy. This year Mel will complete Yin Yoga training.

In addition to her Yoga qualifications, Mel has completed Certificate III Group Exercise and Certificate IV Personal Training. She will also complete Pilates Matwork in 2018.

Mel offers a strong yoga practice which challenges students to maintain good alignment and calm breath, as the gateway to tapping into the higher purpose of the asana practice.

When she is not on her Yoga mat, you will find Mel walking her beloved beagles, cooking up a new healthy recipe or spending time with her family and friends.

Will Chow

Yoga Teacher

Will first came to yoga after his chiropractor suggested he gave to a try to help his injured back. Initially Will wasn’t too sure, as he thought is was something only women did. But after his first class, Will was hooked and his passion for yoga continues to grow daily.
Will has gone onto completed numerous trainings, including – 200hrs YTT with Inyoga and a further 150hrs with Body Mind Life including international teachers Maty Ezraty and Noelle Connolly, whom Will continues to be inspired by and trains with weekly.

Will classes are slow and strong, with a firm emphasis on the breath and alignment.

Dee Taha

Yoga Teacher

Coming soon!

Maria Jackson

Yoga Teacher

Maria started practising yoga 20 years ago while she was a full-time mum with two young children and was immediately blown away by how good a workout it was! As her family lived around the world she has maintained a regular practice in different countries.

In 2011 she completed her teacher training and has taught continually since then.

Her classes cater to the beginner as well as the more advanced yogi.

Maria believes yoga is excellent for building muscle strength and flexibility but unique in its ability to provide mental clarity. On top of all that, it is completely accessible to everyone, young and old… she believes there are no limitations to anyone starting a regular yoga practice.

Now in her mid 50’s, Maria has a deep respect for the practice and knows that yoga will continue to play an important role in her life. She hopes to share this enthusiasm with all her students.

Her motto is to focus on what you can do in class and to enjoy the process so that you will keep coming back.

Di Fairnham

Yoga Teacher

Coming soon!

Lana Jeavons-Fellows

Yoga Teacher

Lana is a dedicated student with over a decade of personal practice.

Her classes are challenging and fun with a strong focus on alignment and connecting movement to breath.

Lana completed her Teacher Training through BodyMindLife.

Natasha Melacrinis

Pilates Teacher

Eileen Hughes

Pilates Teacher

It was a love of running and a desire to improve her form which led Eileen to Pilates and eventually a decision to undertake teacher training. After many years of working in a corporate environment and two children later…..it was time to mix things up!

Upon completion of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with Pilates ITC (with training in Matwork, the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair), Eileen decided to focus just on sharing her new found love of the Reformer.

Eileen hope’s to inspire and share her passion and knowledge of Pilates, encourage a confidence to explore movement and (of course) have a few giggles along the way.

Lindy Burger

Pilates Teacher

Lindy believes that the most inspiring aspect of teaching Pilates is witnessing people strengthening their physical capabilities while at the same time enhancing their broader wellbeing.

She has found a new respect for each person’s physical intelligence, and that science can help people move better. The joy on a client’s face, when achieving something they thought was not possible, makes teaching Pilates so worthwhile for her.

Lindy started her Pilates journey a few years ago after having children and wanting to strengthen her core. Her movement practise covers Matwork (Contrology) and Reformer. Most days Lindy likes to go the gym, walk the dogs or ride her bike. Lindy functions at her best when she has had her morning coffee!

Lindy’s favourite moto is: The body achieves what the mind believes (Napoleon Hill)

Lindy has Certificate IV in Matwork and Reformer as well as a Diploma in Clinical Pilates with Breathe Education.


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