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Women’s Circle
With Sophie Alize

A Women’s Circle is a sacred space for women to gather, be heard and be seen. Throughout history women have gathered in circles to empower each other by sharing wisdom and showing support for one another. Circles provide a safe space in get in touch with feminine strength, a place to be your authentic self without judgement. The theme of this circle is Beauty. What is beautiful? Do you feel beautiful? What is it that makes you feel beautiful? What is blocking you from feeling beautiful? How do you define external and internal beauty?

Please note there are a few rules I ask of attendees –

  • What happens in circle stays in circle, this is a confidential and sacred space
  • No interrupting, let each person speak freely
  • Listen with your heart – send love and support to the person speaking
  • Share from the heart, there is such beauty in vulnerability
  • Tears require no apologies, let them flow freely if they arise, they are energy in motion.
  • Setting a powerful intention before you arrive can heighten your experience.

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Water bottle, crystals to energise in the space, talismans (trinkets/ good luck charms or anything you feel drawn to bring), photos of your female ancestors or or soul sisters, journal, a shawl or layers.
What to wear: a long flowy dress if you feel or loose comfortable clothing
What to expect: a bunch of amazing women sitting in a circle and sharing from their hearts

About Sophie:
Sophie Alize wears many hats, and she wears them all fabulously! She is a Yoga instructor, professional Bellydancer, Meditation Facilitator, Healer, Manager of Kurrajong Trails & Cottages, and creator & facilitator of Fabulous Retreats. Sophie is obsessed with Women’s Circles. She loves attending them and guiding them. She believes the strength of women supporting women is a potent force, reasonably untapped in the modern age, thankfully beginning to have a resurgence. The insights Sophie’s students have expressed to her are incredibly inspiring and encourage her to pursue this work further in workshops and at her Fabulous Retreats.

“Attending my first Women’s Circle was so profound. I felt so deeply honoured to be in a safe space where I could be completely raw and vulnerable, and feel so held. This is the energy that I strive for in my circles. Deep healing comes from shedding light on our wounds. Speaking those words out loud that you may have kept hidden, is so empowering.” Sophie Alize

Sunday 5th April
1pm – 3pm

$45 (10% off for members)